Outdoor Furniture Collection


    Through contrastinsting materials and a maximum of comfort typically found only indoors, this collection Invites the buyer to reconnect with nature. To slow down, and take a second to enjoy the little moments in life. The collection, named Invitation, sets to break a barrier between wood and parabolic sling fabric. To allow this combination to happen, Invitation makes use of an aluminum insert and a synthetic spline. Teak or thermally modified wood is used for the main structure. This ensures both the longevity of the collection, and its ease of maintenance. Aesthetically, the goal was to draw buyers in, and then have them realize the collections true quality, comfort. Thick cushions are used to create comfort and safety. I want the buyer to stay a while, and find their own little moment in life. Through research, blue was found to be an up and coming color for the outdoor market. The main collection makes use of this color, while also showing examples of other color palettes and patterns to express the adaptability of the collection in any given market. The collection Invitation, offers a cutting edge design that is both timeless and comfortable. Fitting in with both the residential and contract/hospitality markets. Whether it is your backyard lake house or a hotel by the beach, Invitation invites you to reconnect with the outdoors.

Teddy Breedlove Designs


NYC 2022